I dreamed of becoming an author, writing my own book and starting a blog. Now I have the privilege of sharing both with you. Whatever it is you dream of doing, keep working towards it, visualising it, taking it step by step until one day, your wish is fulfilled and your dream has come true. “Am I dreaming?” I asked myself, holding my published book in my hand. Perhaps I am, but it is a sweet dream, the magical kind where anything is possible, the kind of dream you never want to end. I dream of a world filled with kindness, compassion, acceptance, love, harmony, inclusion and peace.

When a reader enters the world of Juliette, a little girl with Down’s syndrome in my book ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’, they become immersed in the importance and simplicity of these values, which find a home in their hearts, then spread like seeds through their thoughts, words and actions. My book encourages children to discover their gifts and talents, because we all have them, even if they sometimes become hidden deep down under a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem or shyness.

We can all unbury the treasure we have within and share it with the world. When we recognise our true potential, we realise how amazing every human being really is and how much value every person has to offer. That’s when we shine brightly. That’s when we shine like a star. Life becomes full of extraordinary moments.