I always knew this trip would be special, was destined and divine timing would play its part. Finally, I landed in Carcassone in southern France, with my family, disembarking the plane to be hit by a 36 degree heatwave on 18th July 2023.

My original trip departure had been planned for Friday, 20th March, 2020 on a retreat with a small group of women led by author and angel expert Chrissie Astell with the intention of us connecting in with the energies of Mary Magdalene and healing the area from the Cathar massacre at Montsegur in 1244. But the first lockdown began three days before. Attempts to reschedule my trip failed and, despite my frustration, I settled into a sense of acceptance that the universe needed to adjust my plans.

I was longing to visit the Caves of Mary Magdalene in the Rennes-le-Château area, which wasn’t even part of the original itinerary. On Sunday, 4th June 2023, at the final gathering of a beautiful 12-month womb healing women’s wellness circle in Omagh that I was co-facilitating, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ariel surrounded me with a deeply loving presence and Archangel Gabrielle insisted: ‘You must get to the Caves of Mary Magdalene, even if you have to go alone.’ I was being called home. Archangel Gabriel has been guiding me for many years since he is the angel of communication and assists people who work in the field of communication, including writers, speakers and artists.

I still sometimes doubted I would find the caves, so I asked spirit how I would find them and I received the oracle card: “Let faith be your guide”. Several weeks later, on 21st July (the day before Mary Magdalene’s official feast day), I spent the afternoon in those caves with my family. Although we had passed a few other walkers returning from their cave visit, we had that special place of three magical caves – representing the womb, the heart and the star/heavenly connection with the cosmos – all to ourselves. 

The caves can be tricky to find, but I had directions supplied as best she could by an American author Becky Prater, who I had synchronistically befriended through social media shortly before my trip. Faith was being my guide. On the morning of the cave visit, my family and I visited the Rennes-le-Château commune first and I was amazed on arrival to see a large blue and gold shield-shaped sign with the words Rennes-le-Château on it because it was so similar in design and colour to the vintage chain belt I had felt compelled to buy a few months earlier with a blue shield with gold border, only the shield on my chain belt had a knight depicted on it, which made me think of Rennes-le-Château, where I had never been, and the Knights Templar, who had been some of the keepers of the secret of the Holy Grail, connected with Mary Magdalene. (The synchronicities I have experienced with Mary Magdalene over the past seven years are boundless and only increase when I try to ignore them.) Amazingly, I have just found out that the priest Bérenger Saunière, who renovated the Church of Mary Magdalene at Rennes-le-Château, discovered a stone with a carving of a knight on it, known as the “Dalle des Chevaliers” or “Knight’s Stone”, which is reputed to have been the cover stone of the crypt beneath the church at Rennes-le-Château.

We also had quite some time to ourselves in the Church of Mary Magdalene at Rennes-le-Château, which I thought was unusual as it’s usually thronged in peak season. I found a clue in there, which confirmed amazing information that spirit had given to me a few years ago regarding Jesus and Mary Magdalene at the time of the crucifixion. This great secret of Rennes-le-Château that many people have been killed to keep quiet over the centuries … I am also a keeper of it. Over the months, I have been seeing the messages about this great secret hidden in plain sight in works of art and literature and I will be sharing them in my forthcoming book.

When I climbed the Magdala Tower at Rennes-le-Château, I looked out of a turret window and was convinced I was looking at the Caves of Mary Magdalene in the distance. Afterwards, I asked the museum manager how to get to the caves. She replied: ‘It’s tricky and quite far. You can see them from the tower.’ My intuition that I was looking at the caves was correct and I was glad I already had directions that I hoped would lead me there. I had previously asked some other people on social media that I had seen had been to the caves how to get there and find it odd that some of them were telling me people are not supposed to go there and were not giving me any help when I was most definitely being directed by God that it was imperative for me to go there. This only served to prove that no obstacle, including unhelpful people, will thwart my destiny.

I found a white, heart-shaped stone on my way to the entrance of the caves (Revelation 2:17). Purity of heart. In the womb cave, I had visions of hearts and downloads of information in the form of coloured geometric shapes. I had a vision of a womb cross (a circle with two intersecting lines through the middle) made of gold with a red gem stone in the middle. The womb cross is my symbol, given to me by spirit on my first journey during my shamanic training in 2021. A blindingly bright gold angel appeared, moving towards me, its head bowed, carrying a gold book of wisdom to me on its back. (I was given this gold book of wisdom on the back of a swan in a shamanic journey a couple of years ago too). I felt deep love and peace in those caves, blessed the space and admired the beautiful, natural offerings left by others.

The next day, I had been planning to visit a forest before heading onto Montsegur, but I had been having reservations about going to this forest. Although it looked beautiful and magical in the pictures on the Internet, I felt something eerie and sinister about it and didn’t quite know what to make of these mixed feelings as I love forest walks. At 5am the following morning, extremely loud and clear, spirit commanded: ‘Don’t go there!’ I was shown a vision of people in that forest wearing gas masks and I was filled with an overwhelming, chilling, sickening sense of fear that made me break into a sweat as I realised it was Nazis conducting experiments on the local people in the forest during WWII. Spirit told me that while there are good spirits in that forest trying to heal the area from this atrocity, there is a lot of dark energy in it and I was not to go there. In research after my trip, I discovered there are the remains of a Nazi army base close to the forest entrance.

By me listening to spirit and not going to that forest, my family and I enjoyed the most idyllic day discovering a lakeside area that looked like paradise where we swam and ate in one of the best restaurants. My spirit guides were most definitely looking out for me and I was astounded at how the communication channel between us seemed to be hyped up all week in this area of France. It’s a special place indeed.

I don’t think that Montsegur needs any more healing from the Cathar massacre in 1244. In 1244, the so-called Christian church mercilessly burned alive the last Perfecti or “Shining Ones” (the Cathars, who were also keepers of the secret of the Holy Grail) who refused to renounce their faith. I felt nothing but peace on this mountain-top fortress with breathtaking views across the Alps because, although the Cathars did everything in their power to survive, they made peace with their ending. I felt so at home there. The burning Cathars vowed to return in 777 years time (2021), which happens to be the year I remembered my past life as a Cathar murdered by the church along with my family, but we had no fear of death because we knew it is only the flesh that dies while the soul – with all its wisdom and God-spark contained therein – is eternal. People who do not understand the nature of the soul fail to comprehend this and falsely believe that if they kill you that you and all the truth you know are gone never to return. What Montsegur needs healing from is not the Cathar massacre but the negative energy left by the Nazi occupation in WWll. In research I undertook after my trip, I found a report and photos showing Nazi soldiers all over the fortress and area at Montsegur searching for the Holy Grail as they believed that if it was in their possession they would have the power to enact world domination. They never found it because they didn’t know what it actually is.

The Cathars were murdered by the church for the purpose of gaining more control and domination over people and land. Murder and barbarism are not “The Way”/teachings of Christ and therefore not Christian. Anyone who uses the name of God to incite war or brutality needs their head examined since God is the energy of love and peace, the antithesis of war and fear. “The Way” is living via the principles that Jesus lived by, i.e. unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding. The Cathars upheld these true teachings of Christ.

It’s interesting to note that the Old Testament is littered with acts of barbarism with God (often referred to as Yahweh) who incites nations to war and instructs people to sacrifice their own children as a sign of devotion to him, which seems more like the ways of Satan/evil personified/evil in action does it not? Does this not deeply disturb people who have read the Bible and make them want to question what they have heard at church, in many cases their whole life since they were in the womb and have just accepted as normal behaviour (brainwashed every Sunday into believing such atrocities and ways of being are “the truth”) because to an outsider looking in, a religious book that tells you to sacrifice your own child or encourages war and revenge is sick and twisted? This is the danger of what happens when the masses are told it is “the truth” and to obey it and never to question it. That is man-made control, not the love of God in action. (“Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.” – Isaiah 35.)

Jesus HAD to incarnate to put the record straight and be the living embodiment of the principles of “The Way” (this is what Jesus meant when he said: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’) to guide the sheep who had become lost (i.e. God’s people), hence the totally different, higher vibration energy of the New Testament, which focuses on Jesus not God (Yahweh).

Living “The Way” is what saves a person (living by unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding). These principles are the etheric keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. If everyone were to live via those principles, the human race would manifest heaven on Earth, the Kingdom would be here now. It’s a pity preachers don’t programme these principles into people’s minds every Sunday instead of filling people with the low vibration of fear – the opposite of the high vibration of love, which is God – telling people they will be damned (ironically, how can that even be the case since God always forgives?) unless they do x, y and z. Fear controls. Love liberates. The Kingdom will not come until everyone shifts their way of being to a life of those principles. Anyone – of any religion or none – who is not living by these principles or not trying their hardest to do so has no right to call themselves a Christian because being a Christian is to be a follower of Christ’s ways. Getting baptised or turning up at church every week, or reading scripture does not make someone a Christian or “save” anyone. If you get baptised and then don’t live “The Way”, or go to church and don’t live “The Way” or read scripture and don’t live “The Way” then you may as well have not bothered because all that does is create the facade of you being  a “Little Goody Two-shoes” in front of the community. Even if a person has never been baptised, never been to church, never read the Bible or never heard of Jesus but lives “The Way”, they will inherit the Kingdom.

God does not dwell in bricks and mortar. He/she lives in the heart, so soften your heart, fill it with love and find your way through “The Way”. Children operate on simplicity and that’s why Jesus said ‘theirs is the Kingdom’ because the way to save yourself and reach the Kingdom couldn’t be more simple. There is no need to overcomplicate things. No need for hours of trawling through scripture and hours of sitting through sermons thinking the preacher knows more than you and is the only one with the answers or the power to redeem you. I’ve just spelt it out for you. I’ve just given you the keys to the Kingdom, so unlock the door to your heart and go live “The Way”.

In France, what also stunned me was the stone monument at the base of Montsegur in the “burning field” erected in memory of the Cathars who were murdered by the Church. The top part of it bears a womb cross with the exact dimensions I saw in my vision of the gold one in the womb Cave of Mary Magdalene the previous day.

At the start of our trip, we visited the medieval city of Carcassone, enjoying delicious crêpes outdoors at a cafe followed by a walk along the high walls. There was a tomb in there at which I felt great fear and needed to clear it of negative energy. (I have only felt this particular type of fear once before, in the crypt of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin, while standing in front of a large stone carving by Dutch sculptor William de Keyser of King Charles I and King Charles II and the coat of arms in between them made in 1683. I felt that it did not belong to part of the cathedral but was part of a prison or courthouse and I was feeling the total and utter fear of the people sentenced to death. After contacting the historian who deals with the cathedral, he confirmed my intuition was correct since the carvings were moved to the crypt in Christchurch Cathedral from the Tholsel in Dublin, a building that used to be located on Skinners Row within the old city walls of Dublin, which combined the court, gaol, civic hall and guildhall and was demolished in 1809.) I was compelled to look at the time at Carcassone Castle and it was 14:44pm. This is one of my wake-up codes, the call of the 144,000 warriors of Christ (who are not descending to Earth with visible wings, on a cloud, years in the future as a particularly well-known, large, religious book would like people to believe), the number I have been shown repeatedly since my spiritual awakening in 2012/13. (I have to laugh as when I turned on my laptop to work on this blog post in October, the clock on the screen showed 14:44.)

Another day, we visited a church in Limoux, which was also not on the original 2020 itinerary. Interestingly, my accommodation booked last-minute was two minutes from here and my head, while sleeping in my bed, was directly in line with the end of that church that features a stained glass window depicting Jesus and Mary Magdalene as a couple, which is common knowledge throughout France, despite the attempts of the patriarchal church to try to hide this information in France and in most other countries for centuries. I received a massive activation as I looked upon the Black Madonna in that church. I returned to my accommodation afterwards and, even though it was mid-afternoon and I never usually nap, I was overwhelmed with exhaustion and had to lie down. As I fell asleep, I experienced geometric pattern activations and was shown “144” again. After my trip, I discovered that there is an ancient, secret vault underneath this church, supposedly connecting it underground with the Church of Mary Magdalene at Rennes-le-Château and priest Bérenger Saunière, who is rumoured to have discovered the secret of the Holy Grail that the Cathars and Knights Templar tried to preserve and was paid off by the Church to keep it quiet because it would rock the foundation of Christianity

It is this mystery that inspired the Dan Brown books. I will share with you this great secret in my forthcoming book.

I also wanted to visit the Seat of Isis in the Rennes-les-Bains area and was not sure we would find it, but we did, thanks to the directions of a kind-hearted outdoor café owner. Again, we had the place to ourselves, which was unusual. I had activations while sitting in this stone seat too. Mary Magdalene (as was Mother Mary) was a Priestess of Isis, trained in healing modalities and esoteric knowledge, the same knowledge Jesus was taught during his worldwide travels before he began his public ministry at age 33.

We enjoyed swimming in the natural hot pools at Rennes-les-Bains, reputed to have healing properties, and we also found the beautiful, cool oasis of the Fountain of Love amid the trees and swam there. This stunning place is where Mary Magdalene is said to have baptised people after fleeing to France following the crucifixion of her beloved Yeshua. I laughed to myself at the rock shaped like a lion’s head, representing the Christ Consciousness and the Lion of Judah. I wonder how many people have noticed it?

I still find it odd that despite the Church apologising in 1969 for having said that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, then admitting that she wasn’t one, to this day every church and religious school I have been in still talks about her being a prostitute and I am astounded that this lie continues to be told. Why have all the Bibles published since 1969 not been corrected? Why has the Bible not been rewritten to write that lie – one of the most ancient examples of slander – out of it or at least had a prominent and clearly visible note added into it explaining that it’s a lie. Perhaps they hope people will forget their admission so people don’t start to question things and think for themselves because when people do that, those in authority lose their control over them. If it’s claimed the Bible is so accurate and tells ‘the truth’ then who wrote this lie into it and why (I will tell you in my forthcoming book) and how many other untruths are contained in what we know as the Bible today because it suited the person who wielded political power at the time it was written and pieced together, omitting many books that are locked away in The Vatican? How many times has the Bible been rewritten and how much truth has been lost in translation from the original Aramaic, to Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, to English and so on by a bunch of scholars who answer to whoever is ruling at the time in the age of patriarchy? (As I updated this blog, the clock showed 14:44 again!)

I also visited places in the region that Jesus had been to, including his final resting place, confirmed to me by spirit. ‘Humble, simple, humble, simple …’ spirit kept repeating over and over to me there about that place and it was indeed a lowly looking place, just as he would have wanted, not a place endowed with worldly riches that corrupt the soul and have no meaning in the Kingdom. A lowly place to mark his death, just as the lowly stable marked his birth. The feeling of love there flowed so deep within me that it brought tears to my eyes and I didn’t want to leave, but we had lots of other places to visit in only a few days and clinging to a place is only pointless attachment when I know that wherever I go he is with me in spirit and forever in my heart.

If you’d like to know more about my magical adventures, keep reading my blog posts and look out for my forthcoming book. It will be released in divine timing!

To find the way home, follow your heart and let faith be your guide.