Today is World Kindness Day 2020. Perhaps it is a day for people to be reminded to be EXTRA kind because being kind should be a natural part of every day.

My book ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ teaches about kindness. The featured page from my book teaches us to focus on the love in our heart. Listening to our inner voice – what resonates with our heart – makes us act in the kindest of ways. The heart is like our moral compass, guiding us on the right path to follow and the right actions to take for the greatest good of all involved.

It costs nothing to be kind. Acts of kindness bring so much abundance into the life of the person you have offered them to. By the law of attraction, those kind gestures will come back to reward you too. Kindness manifests in the world through caring and sharing. It can be in the form of a smile at someone who looks sad and lonely. It can be the offer of help to someone you see struggling with something. It can be including someone who feels isolated. It can be sharing your sandwich with a friend who forgot to bring their packed lunch. It can be offering the last of your favourite sweets to another.

When kindness is the daily choice, nastiness and bullying cease. A sense of community is created based on loving action. The word ‘mankind’ springs to mind and makes me think that the true purpose of humanity is to be kind and loving to each other. If ever we find ourselves uttering harsh words – whether that’s through negative self-talk or at another person – or acting in ways that are callous, then focusing back on our heart space will reset out thoughts and actions into harmony.