I was excited listening to a mother of a girl with Down’s syndrome telling me her children love ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ and how it helped to answer some of their questions. Later, she told me that her daughter had been due to have an operation to close a hole in her heart in 2020. The first lockdown came, so this operation was postponed. Months later, when she went for her pre-operative assessment, the doctors found that the hole in her heart had closed itself, so there was no need for the operation anymore. That is what really excited me! To hear of a miracle!

So, let’s focus on the miracles afforded by these strange times, instead of the negativity, tragedy and fear mongering pedalled by mainstream media. This little girl is too young to be aware of what’s happening in the news, so she was not living in fear and stifling her own life force or her will to live. Her heart had time to heal itself. How amazing what the human body can do when it is nourished, cared for and allowed to exist in the present moment with love and freedom, without stress and fear.

Perhaps this time of lockdowns is the time we can all focus inward and heal our own hearts. We can release what no longer serves us: resentment, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. We can fill the void with unconditional love, joy and compassion. Sometimes the unexpected comes out of the blue. Sometimes stillness, waiting, patience, perseverance and surrender bring unexpected joy and answer your prayers. We should live in hope, keep the faith and choose love over fear always.