Love is a daily practice. Love isn’t only to be celebrated one day of the year every February. Love should be the driving force of every day. The heart is the space we should operate from daily. Love is not measured by the number of roses received or the value of carats in a diamond.

Love is the one thing that transcends all of time and space. Nothing can break the bonds of love, which are truly understood and measured by the resonance of the heart. That is why we continue to love those who have left this world for the next and we continue to feel their loving, guiding presence when we open our hearts and minds to receive it.

A couple of years ago, I penned a rhyme to remind people to return to their heartspace: “Listen to your heart, for there resides your soul, the compass telling you which way to go”.  I have always felt that the physical location of the soul is in the area where the human heart is. Let love be the compass that directs you through life. Love for yourself through a sense of self-nurturing and honouring yourself, as well as love for others. Anything that does not come from love will make you feel out of alignment. When choosing love, everything flows, for the heart knows. People can operate in two modes: one is love and the other is fear. These are opposite polarities that cannot exist at the one time. So, strive to choose love for that is when everyone wins. When we choose fear over love, we shrink from our greatness, we play small and underachieve. When love rules, war within and without ceases because you cannot love your neighbour and wish them ill at the same time.

Love comes in the way we treat people; the way we help others, the way we smile at a stranger who looks sad and lonely, in the effort we put into preparing a meal for others. The times I prepared a meal with the most care, thought and mindfulness, I received the most compliments with the consumers finding it the most flavoursome meal. When I infuse a jug of water with loving intentions before offering it to clients who come for a holistic therapy or a training class with me, they tell me I have the nicest tasting water. This is because love is an energy that we can transfer into everything we touch and every action we take. It is nourishing in every form.

So, why can it be so difficult to give the gift of love freely? Because we stymie the flow of the river of love by building dams of fear: fear of rejection; fear of abandonment, fear of being used; fear of unrequited love; fear of appearing weak; fear of being vulnerable. That is why choosing fear takes us away from the path of love.

When we withhold love from others, we simultaneously withhold it from ourselves, for everything works via the law of attraction. What you sow, you reap, so in giving love and joy, you receive it abundantly. The heart chakra extends to the palms of our hands, so when we hug someone, we are encompassing them in love as each person’s heart chakra is in close proximity at the chest while your arms are wrapped around each other’s torso. That is why genuine hugs feel so comforting, because you are welcoming another into your sacred heartspace and sharing the highest vibration energy.

My mantra is: “When a decision is made from a place of love, it is always the right decision”. When seeing through the lens of love, we see clearly. It is not always easy to do this as logic or fear can obscure the heart’s vision with a sense of people-pleasing or martyrdom, which is essentially a stepping away from love of self. If we diminish our self-love, we are like a rose wilting for lack of sunlight, and the soul may become cankered, akin to central heating pipes becoming filled with sludge over time, which prevents efficient operation, emitting a disappointing lukewarmth instead of intense comforting heat.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is unconditional love, but it is a long path to get to be the bearer of such a gift. The first step on the journey is initiating self-love, for when we love ourselves we are accepting ourselves and all our aspects of light and dark, our strengths and weaknesses and welcoming in the parts of ourselves we have been refusing to acknowledge. We let go of judgement and expectation. We are then able to see the good in others and accept them for who they are with unconditional love. It was from this space that ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ was birthed. Described as ‘the book so needed in the world right now’ because it is opening hearts and minds to a greater understanding of the path of unity that humanity is embracing. This book helps children to stay on the path of love and guides adults who have strayed from that path to recalibrate.

Love is a daily choice, a path of existence, a way of life. The Way.

So, strive for love in all you do and feel the love come right back at you!