March 4th is World Book Day in the UK, the day to celebrate the opportunity to transform lives through a love of books and shared reading. My book ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’, illustrated beautifully by Gráinne Knox, is doing that.

I am overwhelmed at the response from children, parents and teachers who tell me that this book has not only provided a delightful rhyming story to entertain, but evoked tears of joy and compassion, sparked lively discussion and helped to answer questions.

Words are so powerful. They have the power to change lives, whether written or spoken. Books change lives. They inform and educate. They spark the imagination. They inspire. They help form bonds between children and their caregivers or teachers. Paired reading offers the chance to have quality time with children.

Books speak the language of the writer’s soul and touch the soul of others. I love holding a book and feeling into my curiosity as I turn each page to discover more of the author’s voice and the knowledge they have to share.

It is believed that writing originated in ancient Sumer (Mesopotamia). It has evolved over thousands of years from etchings and symbols to myriad languages. Despite all these different languages in the world, I believe human beings have one universal language – the language of the heart. Words can make our hearts sing, words can tug at our heart strings, words can wound our hearts. So, let’s try to choose our words wisely – kind, helpful, positive and uplifting words to nurture, comfort, educate and inspire.

Every day we tell stories to ourselves in our minds and we may tell stories to others about our day. Let’s be mindful of how we speak and what words we choose to say. Everyone has the opportunity to be a narrator every day when they interact with other people and create the book of their own life.

Become a wordsmith – use skill, tact and kindness to choose the right words to write or speak. Most importantly of all, speak from the heart.