As we approach World Book Day, what we need is bullies to stop bullying and people with no emotional resilience to build some and learn to stop being affected by what other people think and say by understanding that a person’s nastiness is a reflection of their own character not who it’s directed at.

This can be solved by applying KINDNESS in all words and actions, not by the completely ridiculous idea of rewriting classic children’s stories, such as those by Roald Dahl.

It’s no surprise in one way to find Netflix behind this nonsense and in another it is a surprise judging by some of the very questionable programmes Netflix has aired that would present a danger to children’s minds.

Why are people these days wasting hours upon hours trying to find things to be offended by and making a huge song and dance over it?

There’s a bigger picture they mustn’t be able to see. (Maybe they spent so long scrutinising words that their eyes and minds can’t focus on anything else.) Instead of the attitude of ‘me, me, me and poor me’ and every which way they can find offence in something, why don’t they think of the people in the world at war and starving because they couldn’t care less if they were called ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ as long as they could live in peace or eat.

It almost feels like ‘fat’ (an adjective) has become the new ‘f’ word. Soon all ‘f’ words will be banned as ‘f’orbidden. In the future, we’ll have word police who brutally beat up and arrest people for causing offence because they used a word in the wrong context. They’ll be released from prison with a state edition dictionary in hand – a thin, flimsy pamphlet instead of a tome – because three-quarters of the words were removed by the state under a Bill passed by Parliament because the words caused offence to someone at some time.

We live in an age where madly and sadly it seems the most important thing to focus on is the promotion of pronouns and the abolition of adjectives. Preposterousness is spreading like a virus through a high proportion of human minds.

The English language will be annihilated – what will it have to say about itself? I am sure it would be offended. Words have feelings don’t they? Or do they just create feelings?

Look on the bright side … maybe I’ll make a fortune through this since I am an editor.

Oh I probably offended a few million people by writing this. Maybe I should do a rewrite.